ARTucker 2019 Spring Application

Show date: May 4, 11 AM – 5 PM
Location: Tucker Recreation Center

The application process for ARTucker is now available online! Please complete all required fields and submit by end of day March 23 to be considered for the May 4 show. Supporting photographs of your work must also be emailed by this deadline in order to be considered.

The show is open to all Georgia artists over the age of 18, showing their own creations. No commercially produced work will be allowed.

Selection Process

Artist/crafter information including photographs will be reviewed by a volunteer jury of local artists. Applications without photos or photos without applications are considered incomplete and will not be included in the jury process.

The show jury reserves the right to limit the number of vendors in any category of work to ensure a balanced representation. In addition, consideration will be given to volunteers and artists in close proximity to Tucker, GA, and those artists who have participated in the past.

Notifications will be sent by April 6, and payment for accepted artists is due by April 20 to secure space at the event.

Booths are available in 2 locations–auditorium (8 feet wide by 6 feet deep, capacity 26) and hallway (12 feet wide by 4 feet deep). You will have the option to choose your preferred location, though your preference is not guaranteed. If more than 26 accepted returning artists opt for auditorium booths, then a random selection of returning artists will be held in order to fill the auditorium.

Booth Fee

$50. Monies generated are used for marketing and show operations. Funds remaining at close of year will be donated to the Tucker Rec Center. We donated $2000 over the last two years.

The $50 participation fee is payable to ARTucker via PAYPAL or personal check, payable after artist notification and due by April 20. Fees will not be reimbursed for any reason unless the show is cancelled. For additional information email us at


Artists are required to bring their own tables and chairs.


Some electricity is available in the auditorium and you may request it on your application. We cannot guarantee, however, that your request will be accommodated.


While all reasonable care will be exercised, neither ARTucker nor the Tucker Rec Center shall be responsible for loss or damage to merchandise or for injury for anyone participating in the show. If insurance is desired, it must be secured by the exhibitor.


We expect that the materials brought to the show will be similar to the quality of work shown in the application photos. If this is not the case, we reserve the right to cancel your invitation and we will revoke permission to exhibit your work at ARTucker.

We’re excited to bring you a new ARTucker website and increased presence on social media. Watch as we grow at!

Apply Online: ARTucker Spring 2019 Online Application

Submit Photographs: Accompanying photographs must be emailed promptly to after submitting your application. A minimum of 3 good quality photographs representative of your work must be submitted, as well as at least 1 booth shot. Submit clean final photos (not a link or album) that can be used for promotional purposes.